Monday, July 28, 2008 Are Scammers

*clickandbuy is Internet based business like Paypal but they are Scam artist. On 11/26/2007 singed on to company called to be able to use there service that they advirtaise on line. and as soon as I used my credit card with clickandbuy service and after login to that site. I realized that I was taken fro a ride! so I requested cancellation of my subscription. clickandbuy send me conformation of the cancellation. now they are charging me again another 6 month subscription, talked to them, emailed them. but they are not responding to any of my attempt to resolve this matter. why would they? they are in England and they don't aware of this company don't use there service as you will be scam.AnonymousStaurt, VirginiaU.S.A.

*The same thing happen to me and that is why I'm posting this blog to protect others. On 7/26/08 I went to purchase a game from Electronic Arts web page.I used the clickamd buy service the webpage had at the bottom of the site. It took me into another site asking for my credit card number to buy the game. Later I found out that I was actually joining some form of service with clickandbuy. I never even got my game. I called and cancelled right after I found out what I did. The sent me a email confirming my concellation. But I still don't trust them because when I go back to their website and use the account name and password they gave me, I can still see all of my information. So now I'm going to the bank, emailing the FBI and the BBB, as well as calling the social secruity office. I will have contact any media that is willing to listen. Here are some others that used this comapny as well......

*suppose to have been buying a vehicle threw a silivia berry out of europe,we went threw click and buy to hold the money until i received truck the i had 10 days to try it out if i wanted it i had to contact click and buy which is the if i wanted truck i was suppose to send another 2500.00,to click and buy.well truck has never got here and click and buy will not respond to me at all neither the woman selling the truck. I have all copies of everything from western union receipts to all adresse in europe. twin lake, MichiganU.S.A.
My complaint is directed at three internet companies who have put together quite a scam. These three rip-off artists are all in cahoots. First Dr. (of what I don't know) Stera, author of a very believeable site based in Washington, DC, tells you oh so sincerely that Process at Home and Angel Stevens is the best of only three he would recommend as a home based business opportunity. Then Angel pitches a line about how you can make as much or as little as you want processing the data for online rebates AND offers you a money back guarantee. Then you bite and are sent to enter all your payment information and you receive a note that says your financial institution rejected payment. And they want you to use another card to pay for this junk!!!HOWEVER, when I checked my account, the full price of $197 was already pending along with an additional $1 for I don't know what. That was never mentioned during the 'checkout' process. I immediately sent out an email to 'Angel' questioning where I was in this mess and of course, have heard nothing. So, Process at Home says I haven't paid; ClickandBuy says I haven't paid; so where did my $197 and $1 go??? This group is much more sophisticated in their approach than most. The SiteReviewAuthority page claims that an Internet Fraud investigation was commissioned and actually had investigators join 173 different WAH groups. They found that all but three were frauds, Process at Home being its top pick out of the three for an honest to goodness homebased business.H'mmm....I won't even mention that I have since found out that Process at Home requires that YOU pay the rebate and wait for a check to come which will cover the rebate cost and your payment for processing it. 'Angle' oops I mean 'Angel' sugar coats the basic WAH ripoff, but gets a big thumbs up from Dr. Stera to boost her believeability and slips right into ClickandBuy secure site to steal from you. I now believe that there is NO INTERNET WAH site that's not a ripoff! Port Saint Lucie, FloridaU.S.A.

To the comapny..""...we are on to you.I have recently put a stop to a company just like yours. And now I'm after you, so BEWARE SCAMMERS!!